Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Overnight bike camp up Foresthill Road.

End of the line at China Wall.
We've been enjoying a stretch of unusually nice weather in early March so I decided to try a quick overnight trip to Mumford's Trailhead up Foresthill Road.

I loaded up my Carradice Camper and V.O. handlebar bag with a minimalist supply of camping gear. This included a very lightweight sleeping bag, and REI Minimalist Bivi sack, my Therm-Rest 3/4 pad, a 6X8 tarp and a garbage bag which was split and served as a ground cloth. This would be my first trip using my Carradice Bagman support for the Camper.

I usually pick up a sandwich at Worton's Supermarket in Foresthill and take half of it to my campsite so I don't cook, no cookware is needed. I did take a backpacker's plastic fork/spoon combo for eating a small can of ravioli just in case the half sandwich wasn't enough. (And a small flask of Canadian Club!).

All this, plus some extra cycling shorts, Showers Pass rain jacket, and a few other sundry items packed into my Carradice Camper and Velo Orange Handlebar Bag.

Loaded up for the trip home.
The ride up was as tough as usual. It's a long uphill slog. I always forget how much climbing this ride entails. I stopped at Worton's to get the sandwich and extra water, then continued up to China Wall. After Foresthill, it was chilly enough to need long sleeves. Not far out of Foresthill, I began to spot traces of snow in shaded ditches.

Not going any further today!
I normally ride to Mumford's Trailhead for this trip, but this year I was stopped by snow! I've gone around the closed gate in years' past, but this time the road was really covered with snow, so I decided to sleep at China Wall Staging area. This wasn't really a problem, there were a couple of cars parked there but I never did see anyone.

The next morning I coasted practically all the way back to Foresthill and had coffee and a breakfast burrito at Mega's.

Then it was the up and down of Foresthill Road back home.

The Bagman support worked well, it positions the Camper in a good spot and gives a little extra support to back up the straps' efforts in holding the bag.

I had problems with gears skipping in a couple of positions, this will require further investigation. I'm not sure what could cause this since I was using a new chain and cassette.

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