Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mercian on order!!

 This was my Audax which I have sold. However, my KOM will be the same color so it's somewhat relevant!
Update - 02/27/2013 - Initial assembly
Update - 02/13/2013 - The frame has arrived! Link to pictures of the new frame!

Update - 02/05/2013 - Just got the tracking information, the frame is now on it's way!

Update - 01/19/2013; Got a call from Mercian this morning, (@ 5:30 am, that's an improvement)! The frame is completed and will be shipped next Monday, (01/21/2013)!! Right on schedule per Grant's estimate.

Well, I recently turned 56, it is the minimum retirement age for my job. I can now retire with full benefits!

Of course, I'm not quite ready to go, I've been enjoying the work and the pay is terrific right now, especially with my youngest now graduated and no heavy debts, Shelly and I will try to enjoy a couple of more years of good income and little debt. I'll probably go in a couple of years.

Anyway, I felt I should observe this date with a special treat, a pre-retirement retirement gift if you will. I decided a nice bicycle frame would do the trick. After looking around a while, I decided to order another Mercian (This will be number 3!)

Mercian really offers a good product, almost custom, with wonderful paint for a reasonable price. I thought I'd try to describe the process one can order a Mercian.

First, you need to go to the Mercian webpage ;

Their frames page describes all their different models. I was looking for a touring/randonneuring style, so I went with the King of Mercia, (KOM), touring. You can also get the KOM in a racing model and a "Sportive" model.

The "Online Frame Builder", , is a great feature which allows you to design your frame and color scheme. What fun! I spent lot's of time visiting this site and creating my bike in many different patterns.

After my birthday, I decided it was time to pull the trigger, good thing too, because as I was getting set to order, Mercian mentioned they planned a price increase soon, so I took the plunge, hit the "order" button and waited to see what happened. Well not much at first, after about a week I sent an email inquiring if they got my order. I got a reply quickly after that, and Grant from Mercian said that they would give me a "bell" to get the deposit. The bell came at 2:00 am. one morning! I guess they forgot I was in California. No biggie, we got everything done and soon they sent me a scan of the credit card slip. Next, a few more emails were exchanged with Grant to clarify my specs. Soon, the spec sheet was emailed to me along with a general arrangement drawing illustrating the frame's geometry.

Spec sheet!

Looking through the specs, you will see that I went with cantilever brakes; until I tried the Tektro CR720'son my Surly LHT, I would never have considered canti's, but the Tektro's  have changed my mind. Also note,I'm going with Anquetil Blue Flamboyant again, it's a great color. It will have a flamboyant Ruby head tube for contrast, with white lining.

General Arrangement.

Grant says there is currently a 5 month turnaround on frames, so I should be seeing it arrive sometime around January! I'm glad I ordered this frame when I did, because the price increase became effective September 1st, and it was a big one! The base price for a KOM went from 615 pound to 750!! Yikes! Stay tuned for updates!