Monday, August 17, 2015

The Tivy Wheel Club, Williamsport, PA 1895

Front cover of the small circular.
After my folks passed away, I took possession of a box of ancient photographs from my great aunt Jennie Engleman, who herself had passed away many years ago. Among all the old pictures I came across this little gem, a short publication written for the 47th annual reunion  of the Tivy Wheel Club of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This booklet describes the club's history and gives a very brief history of the bicycle itself. It contains lots of amusing and interesting tidbits about riding at the turn of the century, (the 20th century, that is!). 

It's also fun to note that while the Tivy Wheel Club was active for only 15 years, club reunions continued for at least 32 years!  

The paragraph entitled "FORECAST AGE OF HUSSLE", contains some pretty interesting stuff for us modern day cyclist, especially since fixed gear riding has made something of a comeback in recent years!

I hope you enjoy this little bit of history, click on each page to get an enlargement of the image.
The title page includes an inscription for Harvey Engleman, Jennie's late husband.