Saturday, February 28, 2015

February jaunt to Yankee Jims.

Todd arriving at the Yankee Jims Road Bridge over the North Fork of the American.
Unusually mild weather this February has allowed for a fair amount of riding in NoCal this year. Riding buddy Todd and I decided to have a go at a longer ride, we initially planned to ride around Folsom but changed our minds while en route and decided to head up to Colfax, ride across the North Fork of the American river, then get up to Foresthill.

At an old mining tunnel next to the bridge.
Thanks to the fine weather this year, we were able to finish the ride fairly comfortably, if somewhat slowly.

Enjoy the falls while they last!
 I've probably posted this before, but these pretty falls are a little way up from the river, heading to Yankee Jims and Foresthill. After the long climb to Foresthill, we stopped at Worton's and had a sandwich, then back to Loomis. This is a hard ride, 70 hilly miles, but we enjoyed pretty optimal conditions. Even so, it took almost 7 hours of riding! Well, I didn't say I was fast! What a great ride, the few miles of gravel give the ride a nice flavor of adventure!

Here is a screenshot of the route, as recorded by Run the Map.