Sunday, October 16, 2016

Looking for dirt, Stagecoach Trail, Auburn State Recreational Area.

The start of the dirt, just behind the kiosk at the SRA Kiosk.
I've been pretty slow in updating my blogs lately, seems to never be any time! Well, it's now October and rains are falling. I have a weekend to devote to catching up. One ride I wanted to document was a relatively short but interesting one. I wanted to find a dirt/gravel road close to my home in Loomis. While hiking "Training Hill" in the Auburn State Recreational Area, I spotted a dirt road across the canyon that looked rideable. I did a little research and found that there was indeed a path, Upper Stagecoach Trail, on which I might be able to ride the Mercian.

The start of the trail is behind the Kiosk located at the confluence of the forks of the American River, just past the Highway 49 bridge.

Screenshot of the plot of the ride.

A blow up of the same shot, showing the Stagecoach Trail section.

The heading photo shows the start of this trail, just behind the Kiosk and in the shadow of the Forresthill Bridge. Shortly past the point I hit the toughest section of the trail. Steep and very rocky, I was forced to dismount and walk for about 30 yards, not a very auspicious start for my hopes of gravel grinding! After that stretch, I was able to ride, although quite a bit of the first part was slow going, fairly rough and steep with a few sharp corners.

A picnic table afforded a good place for a break.
Eventually I became more comfortable with the terrain but it was still a pretty demanding ride, and slow going. At one point I was past by a fellow running! Oh well. The road gradually improved to the point where I was making good progress.

On Upper Stagecoach Trail

The end of the dirt is in sight...
Eventually I came to the gated end of the trail and hit the pavement at Russell Road, which,bearing left becomes Forresthill Avenue in Northeastern Auburn.

Looking back from Russell Road/Forresthill Avenue in Auburn.
This was a decent ride, a little rough and steep in parts, but the 37c Continental Tourride tires were adequate. I think 28c Paselas would have been at their limits on this ride. I might combine this ride with a YANKEE JIMS ROAD Yankee Jims Road ride someday to make a real dirt ride out of it!

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